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North Cascades Productions

Mattias and Micah Evangelista are some of the only true Mt. Baker locals.  They ski circles around most people and yet neither of them are old enough to buy a beer - in fact only one of them is old enough to vote. That being said, they are rightfully taking their place amongst the other sibling powerhouses of the industry.  I had a chance to talk w/ Mattias recently about their film project “North Cascades Productions”, where they came from, and where they are going. 


How long have you been skiing and who taught you?

I was first in on the hill at one week old. My dad took me up in his jacket and skied around with me all day.  He carried me in a backpack until I was on snow on my own at two. My dad taught me to ski. We would go up every week and he would ski around with me between his legs, then on a leash, and finally he would follow behind me. My parents are definitely one of the biggest reasons why I’m where I am today.


Who’s in your NCP crew?

It’s a pretty small crew really. Usually it will be just Micah and I, with our friend Dylan Hallett shooting photos. Our good friend Conlon Kiffney also helps us out quite a bit, both behind and in front of the lens. The four of us are the main crew. Our friends Doug and Sadie, along with a few others, will come out pretty frequently too. When the snow is good it’s not uncommon for our buddies Eliel Hindert and Essex Prescott to come down from Whistler, or the homies from Dubstach Collective to come and shred for a few days.


For an area known for hardcore locals, it seems many of the most vocal locals moved herefrom somewhere else. Along with the DeBaris, you’re some of the only TRUE Baker locals. What do you think about everyone moving to your home turf and claiming local status? Is it “the more the merrier” or “GO HOME” or something in between?

That’s a tough question for me to answer without sounding like a total asshole. I would say it’s a mix of both, but sometimes I definitely lean toward the “Go back to Jackson” mentality. I’m pretty jaded so I’m never stoked to see some bro from Tahoe tracking out one of my lines and then bragging about how sick Baker is later that night in Chair 9. But, I try not to get too annoyed because I know everyone loves skiing and is just having fun. I do more than anyone to advertise Baker so I can’t really be too bummed when more and more people start showing up. In the end it’s really not that big a deal and I’m just happy to be in the mountains having fun.


When did NCP start? Whose idea was it and what was the reason behind it?

It stared in 2010 so, about three years ago. I guess the reason for it was to create a way for us to showcase our skiing to the public. We didn’t really have a plan or expectations, but both knew we liked skiing and filmmaking so putting the two together seemed like a no brainer. Basically it just started as something we did because we loved it.


There’s no park at Mt. Baker. How do you guys learn all those tricks?

It’s kinda cliché to say, but Baker really is one big terrain park. With so many fun natural jumps and drops there are plenty of opportunity to get in the air.


Who are your main influences as far as skiing and filming?
The guys at Nimbus are huge. Growing up, and still today they are probably my favorite crew out there. I try and emulate their style both with filming and skiing. Along with Nimbus, Jeff Thomas is someone who I really look up to and respect in the film world. Everything he does is so creative and unique it’s really inspiring. Every time I see a Salomon Freeski TV episode it almost makes we wish I rode for Salomon just so I could go out and shoot more with Jeff. The guys at Sweetgrass are also a huge inspiration. Valhalla changed the way I view skiing and filming. One of my goals as an athlete is to film a segment with those guys.


When you’re out shooting, do you have a predetermined plan of attack or do you take a more organic “see what happens” approach?

A little of both. This year we are trying to be more planned and organized just so we can maximize our time and be as efficient as possible. Still, there are days where we just ski all day with the camera pack, shooting whatever looks good or fun. I think the combination of the two makes for good edits. High level production is only half of the skiing story, the most authentic moments are those when the camera isn’t the focus and I think capturing that really adds to a film.


Do you have any interest in competing? Freeride World Tour or Dew Tour or anything of that nature.

Not really. That’s just not a style of skiing that I enjoy. I have the utmost respect for the guys that do those events year round; I just don’t really think it’s for me. I’d rather focus more on style, fun, and creativity then hucking onto hardpack. Finding sponsors that support that has been huge, and I’m super grateful to work with companies supporting that vision. That being said, I really like some of the events Red Bull has been putting on over the past few years. If I ever got the chance to do Cold Rush or Linecatcher I would be stoked!


Is there any sibling rivalry between you guys? Mattias, how does it feel to have your younger brother get the first cover between you two?

I would be lying if I said there wasn’t, but I like to think we’re pretty positive and supportive of each other most of the time. Micah getting that cover was huge and I was nothing but stoked for him! That’s not something I get upset about at all, I’m just happy to see my brother succeed. I know my time will come, and I’ve had more shots published in magazine galleries than him…but who’s keeping track ;)


Any trips you have planned for this year? Any places on your dream tick list?

Nothing too crazy. Trying to put a Japan trip together at the end of January, and hoping to spend quite a bit of time in Nelson, but who knows. Traveling isn’t something that I get too hung up on. If can get out and explore that’s great! If not then I’ll be at home skiing pow which is just as good. I’d love to get up to AK and travel through Europe at some point, hopefully those trips could happen in the near future.

What were some highlights from last season?

For me, the highlight of last year was an early season storm in December. It ended up snowing so much they had to close to road because trees were falling due to the weight of the snow. It also made for the best skiing of the year. There were a few days were it was just Micah and I filming the deepest snow ever in the trees. Those are the days I live for. When it’s so calm, quite and deep; skinning for every run and just having so much fun.

Any shout outs or people you would like to thank?   

First and foremost, thanks to my parents, I wouldn’t be anywhere near where I am today if it wasn’t for them. Thanks to the crew: Micah, Dylan Hallett, and Conlon Kiffney. Thanks to the Mount Baker Ski Area. Thanks to Grant Gunderson. Grant is the man and has been such a big help in my career. I really can’t thank him enough for all he’s done. Big thanks to all my sponsors: Volkl, Marker, TREW, evo, Scott, POW Gloves, Backcountry Access, Arcade Belts and Disidual. You guys rule!

You can check out videos from North Cascades Productions at their Vimeo and Facebook pages:

Thanks to Dylan Hallett for the Photos!

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